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Emergency Exit Only


No evacuation plan, no safety net.

Amelia's quitting the daily grind to find her fantasy job.

But a shocking secret from the past shows her that where there's smoke, there's fire ... 

And sometimes you just have to save yourself.

Amelia Harris has played it safe all her life - but when a minor accident lands her in hospital, she dramatically quits the tedious office job she's been working at for a decade.

When her mother, Toni, asks her what she wants to do, Amelia is at a loss. Out of sheer desperation, she tries her hand at the dream jobs she's always fantasised about. Soon Amelia's shadowing a thrilling cast of characters and professions - as a journalist, a florist, a wedding planner, a zookeeper, and more. Life couldn't be more exciting, especially when she meets the man of her dreams.

But when Toni drops a truth bomb about their family, Amelia's whole world tilts on its axis. Meanwhile, each new job starts taking on a life of its own. Has she created a monster?

As she's about to find out, where there's smoke, there's fire, and sometimes you just have to save yourself.

A hilarious, big-hearted story about second chances from the author of Terms of Inheritance


Emergency Exit Only published by HarperCollins Australia

Book Cover Art by Darren Holt


Praise for Emergency Exit Only


‘Michelle Upton has done it again! I adored Amelia’s journey of self-discovery.

Emergency  Exit Only is a fun read with a truckload of heart.

This is a book for anyone who’s ever dreamed of chucking their day job in for something more exciting.

A book about not just following your dreams but about discovering exactly what those dreams are.  

 You’ll fall in love with Amelia on her journey of self-discovery.'  

Kelli Hawkins

author of Apartment 303

'Every woman who dreams about experiencing more than the daily grind will see herself in Amelia, a delightfully loveable Aussie heroine! A poignant story of self-discovery that’s also delightfully fun and full of adventure and mishap. The perfect holiday read!'

Tess Woods

author of Love and Other Battles

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