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Australian bushfires, a global pandemic and the #BlackLivesMatter protests have shown that 2020 is the year where the unseen will no longer be invisible, the silenced will have their say, and those who bring about injustice will be held accountable.


Amidst the chaos and devastating heartbreak, I believe we are witnessing a pivotal moment that will be written in history books as a time that will mark the beginning of real change. Social and economic structures will be reexamined, deconstructed and reimagined to serve all.


Each month, my entries into Furious Fiction have been my way of using the power of words to try to articulate what it means to be human. In 2020, I am fully aware of how important this moment is. It is not a time to numb or turn away. It is a time of awakening on a global level. It will no doubt leave us scarred and bruised, but my hope is that it will also bring out the best in us and unite us as human beings.

At the time of writing Truth or Dare, the 2020 #BlackLivesMatter protests were taking place around the world.


Truth or Dare was written in the space of 55 hours and the rules were:


- A max. of 500 words.

- Your story’s first and last words must begin with J.

- Your story must include a game being played.

- Your story must include the phrase MISS/MISSED THE BOAT.

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