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The Bookstore


The Bookstore was written for a Flash Fiction competition in the space of 55 hours. The rules were:

  • A max. of 500 words.

  • Your story must take place in a LIBRARY or BOOKSTORE (you can choose which)

  • Your story must include AT LEAST SIX of the following 20 words:
    •    BROKEN
    •    MUSIC
    •    AROUND
    •    SMELT
    •    GRUBBY
    •    GAME
    •    COFFEE
    •    BEIGE
    •    HANDS
    •    TWELVE
    •    LETTERS
    •    BACKPACK
    •    NAMELESS
    •    COWBOY
    •    OPERATE
    •    CUPID
    •    TRAIN
    •    PUNGENT
    •    UNTOUCHED

After reading the criteria, I was drawn back to the story Machine Three which I'd written a few months previously. I decided to write The Bookstore as a story that would follow on from Machine Three. I hope you enjoy it.

The Bookstore Story.jpg
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